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I am happily married to writer and photographer Simon John Harvey.

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A floral-scented fug surrounds them —
pillows soft in balmy bliss —
a heady aromatic cloud that
drugs like some enchanting kiss...

Such perfume lulls the restless heart strings
spreads its lotus eater’s spell
intoxicating all who enter
welcomed by the magic smell.

Air thick with flowers — overflowing
jungle thoughts designed to feel
a wild olfactory rush of romance
unfurling buds in shades surreal.

As if on cue the doorbell tinkles —
in he comes and gazes long
quite dazzled by the bold display he
sniffs and lingers... ponders on

lush charms of roses, orchids lounging
pale or bright effusive pink
their cloying fragrance overpowering
suffocates desire to think.

His eyes meet hers — the red-haired florist
like a nymph in some green dell
eager to entice a lover
weaves her fascination well.

And so they’re locked in wonder’s bubble
sweet as nectar, sigh for sigh
Love settles — sips the wine of passion
weightless as a butterfly.

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My poem Hope's Flame (see here) appears in SOUL FEATHERS — a poetry anthology published in February 2011 by Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd to aid the work of Macmillan Cancer Support.

The compilation contains the work of many internationally-known names including Carol Ann Duffy, Bob Dylan, Seamus Heaney, Maya Angelou, Benjamin Zephaniah, Leonard Cohen and Sharon Olds alongside both established and first time poets, all brought together in support of the cause.

Based on the theme of Hope, and taking inspiration from lines written by Emily Dickinson —

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune -- without the words
And never stops at all”

— the poems in SOUL FEATHERS share, and compare, the common experience. The editors have done a superb job, and I am very proud to have a poem of mine in such good company.

SOUL FEATHERS is available from www.indigodreamsbookshop.com
Also from Central Books 0845 458 9910
ISBN 978-1-907401-36-7
Please buy this book, help Macmillan Cancer Support, and enjoy some wonderful poetry.

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