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I am happily married to writer and photographer Simon John Harvey.

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Friend and guest poet Geoffrey Winch has recently published his fourth collection of poetry.
Alchemy of Vision is published by Indigo Dreams and can be purchased through their website
www.indigodreams.co.uk, also available via Amazon, Waterstones and other online book retailers.
Anyone wishing to buy a signed copy direct from the author can contact him as follows:
Geoffrey Winch, Dolphin Cottage, 65 Downview Road, Felpham, West Sussex PO22 8JA
Payment: Cheque value £9.45 (includes P&P) payable to GD Winch, please.

Themed around the Arts, this collection encompasses a wide variety of subjects and interpretations: large and small, famous and lesser-known. Presented rather like a gallery of eclectic exhibits, there is a lot to look at and much to learn. And there's something for everyone to relate to, to think about, and to take away with them.

Four poems from the collection now appear on Geoffrey's guest page: Jazz Stripes by a Water's Edge; Home-Hunter; Negatively Charged; Standing Lion. These can only give a flavour of this so- carefully presented volume, with its iconic cover image. A truly class act.

Featured poem:


For Pearl

How come I didn’t sense she was a witch?
Her word was worthless, hollow as her purse.
Should not some nerve have jumped, my skin have itched
to warn me — steer me clear of her cold curse?

She’s squatting there like some contagious toad
in residence. The garden’s left to rot.
The cottage looks quite wretched from the road
fond memories the only salve I’ve got.

Her latest crime has cut me to the quick.
The maple I had nurtured down the years
now victim to her axe. The woman’s sick
to kill such beauty. Her intent appears

destructive — to undo what went before —
throw out the good, give in to slow decay —
let sloth and apathy creep through the door
and welcome ruin — let it have its way.

Those green things I’d long-watered — every leaf
that budded with each season over time
is under threat and tainted — greyed by grief
the sap somehow aware of its decline.

Such murder goes unseen — the passerby’s
oblivious to cruelty and neglect
but every detail haunts my searchlight eyes
I ache for every inch of home she’s wrecked.

The tree is down — I’m on my knees inside
although I try to keep a braver face.
If I had known before the ink was dried
I never would have let her buy the place.

There are a lot more poems and some short stories on the 'Poetry and Prose' and 'Poetry for Kids' pages. Just click the button on the main navigation bar.

My poem Hope's Flame (see here) appears in SOUL FEATHERS — a poetry anthology published in February 2011 by Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd to aid the work of Macmillan Cancer Support.

The compilation contains the work of many internationally-known names including Carol Ann Duffy, Bob Dylan, Seamus Heaney, Maya Angelou, Benjamin Zephaniah, Leonard Cohen and Sharon Olds alongside both established and first time poets, all brought together in support of the cause.

Based on the theme of Hope, and taking inspiration from lines written by Emily Dickinson —

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune -- without the words
And never stops at all”

— the poems in SOUL FEATHERS share, and compare, the common experience. The editors have done a superb job, and I am very proud to have a poem of mine in such good company.

SOUL FEATHERS is available from www.indigodreamsbookshop.com
Also from Central Books 0845 458 9910
ISBN 978-1-907401-36-7
Please buy this book, help Macmillan Cancer Support, and enjoy some wonderful poetry.

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