Annapurna (Poetry)

06th August 2017
The mountain is a jealous mistress —
she uses all her weather-wiles
to fascinate her man
and keep his appetite for climbing
fresh — he’s always hungry
for her enigmatic smiles

She sends an avalanche to greet him —
smother him with her chill kisses
and fold him round with snow
the dizzy dangerous thrill he misses
when safe and sound on level ground
eight thousand feet below

He is at heart a little reckless
and inclined to the romantic
for he imagines she’s his frigid bride
if he can only conquer her —
tame the moody fluctuating side
and plunging temperature

Did he dream she’d be possessive
and so demanding of his time
as he planned the expedition
ending with a final sleep?
The sky was clear — there was no sign
she’d let him fall so deep