Avian (Poetry)

06th August 2017
You land like some dream half-remembered
partake of the seed’s liberal spread
your pecking as rhythmic as drumbeats
Spring-blue-sky generous with stale bread

This offering seals our connection —
I’m out on the sill as you feed
the spirit of flight’s intersection
the dovetail of longing with need

Thus I’m there when you fly to the treetops
I’m wearing your wind-fretted wings
so far from the ground that my heart stops
as the air through the canopy sings

I am you — feathered grey as a rain cloud
these are mine — these red scaley feet
and I cling with the avian in-crowd
an incredulous coo in my beak

Light-boned, I am freedom’s true vessel
no boundaries — no contract to keep
I feel safe on the branch as we settle
simple heads full of nothing but sleep