Brief Interlude (Poetry)

15th April 2018
I was with you all last night
and the heated air hung sweet
in that rough and ready cabin
we were naked head to feet

We were laughing, rolling, kissing
we were free and going wild
you were truly fascinating
I was never so beguiled

The rich wine of love turns giddy
while the pleasures that we get
from the playground of the body
seem inexhaustible ... and yet

it was more than pure sensation
how you satisfied my soul
when you worshipped at my temple
faith grew stronger — life felt whole

and I was floating ... I was flying
from the shadows to the light
my perception never questioned
was it wrong? Or was it right?


Chilled by morning in the suburbs
both feet back on solid ground
just the tender ache of longing
for that thrill so briefly found