Dancing In The Ruined Ballroom (Poetry)

15th April 2018
Wide open to the sky now
that a bomb has done its worst
the stars gleam like a mirrorball
the echoes well-rehearsed
as midnight blends lost music
with the memories of tunes
that linger in the ruins
and ache like tender wounds

Tall shadows crowd the dance floor
and waltz in gentle time
midwinter flashes diamonds
where ivy’s decked in rime
there’s a swell of friendly laughter
and applause for the MC
in his penguin suit so dapper
a Glenn Miller devotee

There are champagne corks a-popping
crystal glasses chink their toasts
a faint rustle of silk dresses
and a swirl of perfumed ghosts
blackened brick holds all those moments
although toppled by the bomb
through the dark the band is playing
and the dancing still goes on ...