Green Rising (Poetry)

30th March 2018
The milky flakes spilled silent
from a dull exhausted sky
the solemn earth received them
as small comfort dropping by

to fill its vacant corners
push the gloomy shadows back
and soothe the grieving landscape
whiten over mournful black

All was quiet in the graveyard
not a sound disturbed the air
every tomb sheathed tight in crystal
light reflected everywhere

like a legend’s cold enchantment
woven by some nerveless hand
threading sadness into beauty
sapping colour from the land

Then a shaft of sun broke sudden
and a robin found his song
thus the frozen spell was broken
and a soft breeze worked among

Winter trees that shivered naked
coaxed them gently into bud
while snow melted into memory
as hope breathed through the wood

invigorating inch by inch
it quickened to the roots
refreshed the sap to flow again
and venture brave new shoots

’til flowers punctuated pathways
and all Nature grew restored
as Spring’s unfailing energy
through stem and leaf was poured

Just as it was in some quiet garden
lost to time — a far-off place
when a stone rolled from a doorway
and the moment filled with grace

Every year Life proves its promise
even though the clock runs slow
green will rise again triumphant
where the Easter lillies blow