Seer (Poetry)

27th August 2017
I’m listening for voices
I catch the buzz and whine
of static drifting through the void
across the gaps in time

Long fragmented conversations
on some celestial plain
they speak in tongues — the volume soars
and then fades out again

They talk about the future
they muse upon the past
they sneer — cajole — or moan and wail
recall the Holocaust

I’ve tried hard to ignore them
I’ve closed my eyes and mind
but still they seep inside my head
whenever they’re inclined

I’ve pleaded with a raft of gods
to make them go away
but stubborn as unwelcome guests
they seem intent to stay

and use me as a sounding board
for echoes bouncing on
into the night to end all nights
where Death’s dark sails are spun

Such dialogues they come and go
seductive or malign
then every now and then (by fluke)
one whisper answers mine

For that one second I connect
with agencies of truth
who call my name — the penny drops
and I’ve no need of proof