The Never-Thought (Poetry)

15th April 2018
I never thought it would come to this
No — I never did
The future looms quite hideous
all love and hope well-hid

I never thought I’d look so deep
for answers in the past
and yearn for dreams designed to keep
they swore were meant to last

I never thought those promises
would break so readily
I never saw it in the cards
or read dark dregs of tea

I never thought the truth would fail
to shine its faithful light
so sure that justice would prevail —
distinguish wrong from right

I never thought I’d ache like this
and feel so lost and old
I never thought the years would bring
this avalanche of cold

I never thought the road ahead
would narrow to a track
across an empty landscape carved
by fools — with no way back

And last — not least — I never thought
they’d do the things they do
means justified for profit’s end
but they never thought it through