Whatever Way - A Lullaby (Poetry)

15th April 2018
You Mammy’s gone a-whoring
for the cupboard’s dark and bare
there’s no shilling for the meter
there’s no ribbon for your hair
there’s a man who wants his money
and the rent is overdue
you’re her precious little honey —
what’s a mother s’posed to do?

So Mammy’s gone a-whoring
down the cold and windy street
with her fur and fishnet stockings
and a tear upon her cheek
she is waiting on the corner
while the limos crawl on by
and she prays someone will save her —
that she’ll find a real good guy

You Mammy’s gone a-whoring
just to keep her baby fed
she’ll be back home in the morning
as you tumble from your bed
and no matter how men judge her
she’ll survive and see it through
she’s no choice — your single mother
what she does
                she does
                        for you

So Mammy's gone a-whoring
do not cry now, little lamb
but go to sleep ’til morning
while Mammy works
                        whatever way
                                she can ...