WLTM (Would Like To Meet) (Poetry)

27th August 2017
A cup of tea, a faint regret —
perhaps I shouldn’t go
I plump the cushions, feed my pet
turn off the radio
He’s waiting at some coffee bar
and I am dressed to kill
as low as expectations are
my hopes are up there still

I’ve checked the ad a hundred times
but who can ever know
what dangers lurk between the lines
what horrors do not show?
Tonight’s the night we said we’d meet
he emailed me a map
the rendezvous’s on some strange street
it might well be a trap

I’ve read the online protocols
and studied the advice
to all those lonely guys and dolls
who try to play things nice
but out there in that nomansland
where destinies collide
the nervous need a guiding hand —
an angel at their side

And so I grab my overcoat
my gloves, my scarf, my purse
then out into the night I float
those small misgivings worse
with every step and yet I strut
towards whatever fate
an odd excitement in my gut
and worried he won’t wait