You Are An Official Winner...(Except You're Not) (Poetry)

06th August 2017
Let us prey on the unwary
let us prey upon the old
underhand and mean and scary
let our strategies unfold

We don’t care about the crippled
we don’t give a single damn
and our victim rate has tripled
it is such a perfect scam

We pretend to hand out prizes
we send mail-outs by the score
though we cannot trick the wisest
there are many, many more

who are not so smart and send us
the requested ‘handling’ fee
while there are none who would defend us
nothing’s done officially

We are fraudsters — faceless vultures
we pick off the innocent —
those poor wannabees of culture
who believe we represent

the key to good times coming
but it’s a crying shame because
it’s all a con — there’s no use phoning —
for there’s no prize —
                        there never was